Mosaic 2012 The visit of Year II students at the 1001 Inventions, Abu Dhabi

The year II students from Applied Media visited the 1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our Time in Abu Dhabi event. This field trip allowed students to revisit the knowledge taught in the Arabic classes handled by Jamal Sirhan. Similarly, they were given task to write and talk about the inventions for their Global Art History class. The tasks were as follows: looking at the nature of the invention, who invented it and what is the use and contribution of the particular invention to the world. This was an assessed task according to Susan de Guzman, the teacher of Global Art History. This educational trip was beneficial and informative according to the students.

'I truly loved the exhibition and learned a lot of stuff and know a lot about old ages scientist and inventors. I`ve heard about them before but this exhibition did a very nice job by explaining and displaying every work of each of them. I was inspired to depict the spirit of what is inward and what is outward as well as the relationship between them, and by the relationship I meant that the scientist and their work and invention. I was also very much interested in experimenting with different media and playing with what they have with each scientist and inventor, it was like calling each inventor by telephone' Nahla Mohamed AlQari Awadi

'My visit to the 1001 inventions exhibition provided me with so much precious information about the inventions in the Islamic history. I didn`t know that the base of them was Islamic which made me so proud of my culture as a Muslim'. Hind Al Ali

"It was a really adventurous trip from the bus to the exhibition, they displayed the heritage in unique different way which exceeded my expectations and made a lasting memory." Fatima Rashid Al Shamsi It`s a long fun trip that deserves to see 1001 inventions'. Aisha Askar Al Zarouni

'The exhibition was very informative and it has a huge amount of knowledge. It makes us proud of the Muslim Heritage in the inventions world.' Hessa Abdulaziz Al Sarkal